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Expanding your lending capabilities, means never turning away a potential client.

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Having been an independent financing company, we understand what it takes to grow your business because we have been there. We created our Factor Lender Finance solution to help factors and commercial finance lenders build their portfolios.

We understand the complex nature of what you do and borrowing from a source who is unfamiliar with our industry or requires an equity stake can be challenging. As an experienced alternative lender, with more than 30+ years in the factoring and asset-based lending industry, Seacoast understands all the intricacies of your business model. Our personalized approach means you work directly with a decision-maker, and our team is there for you any time.

Experience the Advantage of Factor Lender Finance With Seacoast

Personalized Financing

Maximize your loan portfolio with a partner who will customize a solution to meet your unique business model.

Reliable Partner

Backed by a national bank, all of our decisions are made in-house and you get the added benefit of always having access to unlimited capital that scales with your business needs.

Financing When You Need It

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting deals done. We move fast so you can say yes to new opportunities.

Experienced Team

Gain the benefit of our teams' extensive knowledge and experience in the alternative lending space to help your company grow.

"The Seacoast Business Funding team understood our business model and they worked to provide us the capital we needed to successfully obtain a large client."
Pete L.

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