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Providing Your Business With The Capital It Needs to Meet Your Goals

Every day you are focused on trying new ideas, exploring new avenues, and developing new strategies for your business. With the right financing in place, ensure all your ideas and plans are achieved.

We make it easy for your business to get access to the capital you need when you need it. Gives you the flexibility to purchase goods, fulfill larger orders, meet payroll, and grow without worry.

Factoring Florida: Quality Matters

Seacoast is one of the leading factoring companies in Florida. We understand each business is unique, with different challenges at various points of the business cycle. Our solutions are a simple way to balance your cash flow, so you can keep your business moving in the right direction. 


Funding Your Business Through Accounts Receivable Factoring

Whether you have an established business with decades of experience or a new startup, your company may benefit from accounts receivable factoring. With this type of funding, you leverage existing invoices to improve your cash flow while you wait for payment. Accounts receivable factoring works well for businesses in a variety of industries, from trucking to staffing. Our business funding company specializes in alternative lending, which makes us a great choice for businesses that might not be able to take advantage of other types of financing.

Invoice factoring services, funding payroll, and lending based on assets are sustainable options that positively impact growth and profitability. An ideal solution to solving your working capital needs. With an approval process faster than traditional financing your business does not need to wait for several months on various parties to process your application.

Why Choose Seacoast as Your Florida Factoring Company

As a Florida factoring company, Seacoast has over 30 years of experience helping Florida businesses have the capital on hand to sustain their growth.  Committed to our clients, we are there to answer your questions and offer strategic support. Our experienced team will always be straightforward and help your business find the right solution.

State of Florida

Running a Successful Business in Florida

There are plenty of reasons to operate a business in Florida. With a population of about 22 million residents, Florida is teeming with business opportunities and customers who might need your products and services. The tropical climate is ideally suited for outdoor businesses, especially those that cater to the hundreds of millions of travelers and tourists who pass through the state each year. Whether you set up shop in a major city like Miami, Tampa, or Orlando, or you choose to serve other regions, you deserve to have a business funding company that understands your needs.


We work with any b2b company generating commercial accounts receivables. The following are some of the industries we support: staffing, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, oil and gas, and business services.

Seacoast offers Invoice Factoring, Asset-Based Lending, Payroll Funding, and Government Receivables Financing.

While we do consider credit history the emphasis lies more on the creditworthiness of the company paying the invoice.

Invoice factoring allows your business to receive working capital by selling their outstanding accounts receivable invoices at a discount to the factor. Once the invoice is collected, the remainder is remitted back to the business minus a fee. 

Asset-based lending provides working capital as a structured revolving line of credit based on a percentage of the value of the company’s assets, such as commercial accounts receivables, inventory, machinery & equipment. 

The average time to receive initial funding is typically up to 2 weeks. Once the account is setup funding is available within 24 hours.

Our main office is in Boynton Beach, FL. We provide funding for businesses throughout the entire State of FL and anywhere in the United States.

Your business needs working capital to grow, purchase goods, fulfill larger orders, meet payroll, or overcome seasonal fluctuations and sales cycles.

Your business is faced with inconsistent payments from your customers, don’t have a strong financial history, or unable to qualify for Whether it is the nature of your business or unable to obtain traditional financing.

If your business is waiting Net 30-120 days on payments and struggling to have enough cash flow to grow, purchase goods, fulfill larger orders, meet payroll, or overcome seasonal fluctuations and sales cycles then a Florida factoring company can help.

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