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Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale Distribution businesses may require funding to maintain fluid operations, invest in growth, or supplement payroll. Seacoast Business Funding makes it easy for distributors to get the capital they need when they need it.

Through distribution financing, distributors can use some of their biggest assets to help keep their businesses running. This type of financing offers a simple alternative to traditional lending that often provides businesses with the funding they need at a faster pace.


Providing Wholesale Distributors With Custom Financing

Seacoast creates specific financing options tailored to the needs of distributors. With several funding solutions available, we provide you with the best options to achieve your business goals. Each business is unique, with different challenges at various points of the business cycle. Our solutions offer customized wholesale factoring, working with your business’s strengths. Our experienced team will always be straightforward and help your business find the right solution.

Assisting Distributors With Industry Challenges

We understand that many distributors may be facing delivery and supply-chain delays, driver shortages, and long payment terms. Keeping your business going requires an approach that allows you to use existing assets at the right time. Having a reliable invoice factoring or asset-based lending solution in place helps to combat these challenges.

How Invoice Factoring Can Help You Meet Those Challenges

Distribution factoring is a simple way to balance your cash flow, so you can keep filling orders and moving your business in the right direction. Invoice factoring is a type of financing that allows you to get working capital by selling your accounts receivable invoices. Seacoast Business Funding provides you with an advance rate, which is a portion of the total invoices. As the invoices are paid, you receive the remainder, subtracting a small fee. Once your business is approved for distribution financing, you can use this service on occasion or regularly.

An Alternative to Traditional Financing

When it comes to financing, invoice factoring and Asset-Based Lending are sustainable options that positively impact growth and profitability for wholesale distributors. With alternative lending, the underwriting and approval process is much faster than traditional financing and ranges from 2-3 weeks based on whether a collateral audit is needed. For a traditional loan, you might need to wait for several weeks as various parties process parts of your application.

In addition, alternative financing reviews the creditworthiness of your customers (those who have outstanding invoices to your company) versus individual credit. Keeping a reliable clientele can help your business in more ways than one. Thus your business gains capital without affecting personal assets by leveraging outstanding accounts receivable invoices.

Lastly, if your business has had inconsistent financials or has been in business for a short amount of time traditional funders are less likely to take on the risk of a business that has little to no equity, but a Factor does not see this as a challenge. This type of wholesale financing depends on the risk profile of your clients more than your business experience. As such, many companies can secure reliable methods to get working capital, even if they would be turned away by a traditional lender.

The Business Funding You Need for Your Wholesale Distribution Business

Seacoast has over 30 years of experience helping businesses in the wholesale distribution industry. We understand the importance of having capital on hand to purchase inventory, take advantage of supply-side discounts, offer terms to your customers, cover payroll, and sustain the growth of your business. Waiting weeks or months for invoices to come in can slow your progress, and we have a way to simplify it.

Seacoast can provide the right funding solution to keep your business moving. All decisions are made in-house by decision-makers, which allows us to process your funding request in less time. Our dedicated team always goes the extra mile for your business, no matter how big or small. We aim to provide the best service for each of our clients, creating custom solutions that will scale with your business. Our success stories show our commitment to every client.

Have questions about which funding option is best for your business? Contact us to find out so we can help you find the best solution for your company.

I have been working with Seacoast banking for several years (approx. 8 years) and have nothing but excellent experience with the entire staff.

Rick Parker

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