Invoice Factoring & Asset-Based Lending for Manufacturing Companies

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Need funding for your manufacturing business? Seacoast Business Funding offers reliable, fast, and easy financing solutions. We develop a working capital solution uniquely geared toward your business goals and needs.

If your business requires a better method to handle cash flow or you are simply considering your financing options, invoice factoring or asset-based lending may be the perfect choice. Our expertise within the manufacturing industry allows us to form a strategic partnership with our clients, ensuring that you get the best working capital product possible. You can count on us to provide options that work well with your manufacturing business.

Easing the Burden of Financial Strain for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies have to keep up with many expenses; raw materials, production distribution, and transportation. Relying on customer payments can tie-up your working capital up to N90, making it difficult to maintain operational expenses and cover payroll. Seacoast Business Funding removes the worry of relying on these payments to cover operational costs and keep your business on track.

Being able to have access to funding is crucial to the growth and success of manufacturing companies. With commercial loans, manufacturing companies may not be able to get the working capital they need quickly. Plus, they may not have access to premier customer support that’s there for them anytime. Seacoast Business Funding is a reliable way to receive capital in the manufacturing industry, providing quick and simple access to scalable funding your manufacturing business needs right away.

Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing Businesses

When you choose Seacoast Business Funding your manufacturing business can take advantage of several benefits including:

  • reducing manufacturing delays
  • purchasing raw materials in advance
  • supply-side discounts
  • business expansion
  • meeting payroll timely
  • covering operational expenses upfront

You deserve the best manufacturing business funding from an expert in the industry. Our solutions make it easy to customize a program that addresses the unique needs of your business.

Simple and Easy Application Process

Our application process is simple – complete our online application, and our team of specialists will get back to you shortly to discuss if our funding options are a good fit for your business. This streamlined approach to applications makes setting up and managing your application a breeze.

Unlike traditional lending options for businesses, you may not have to wait as long for an answer. If your business is new, you may find our approach much less complicated and stressful. With direct access to decision-makers, our approval process is quick, ensuring you can get access to funds immediately.

We’re Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

With over 30 years of experience of providing invoice factoring and asset-based lending solutions, Seacoast works to understand and provide your business with working capital to meet your financial goals. We are dedicated, to helping you every step of the way, from determining your funding needs, answering any questions you may have, and providing scalable financing that grows with your business objectives.

Our goal is nothing less than your complete satisfaction from start to finish, which is well demonstrated by our long list of success stories. While we take pride in our customized financing programs, our excellent customer service also sets us apart. When you need it, our support team is here to provide you with the customer support you not only expect, but the service you deserve!

Fortunately we have a funding relationship with the fantastic people at Seacoast. The funding process is simple - it takes only minutes. We never have to wonder when our payments will arrive. When we complete a job, we invoice our customer. Seacoast purchases the invoice and we receive payment the next day. Because our workload varies, this helps immensely with cash flow. We highly recommend Seacoast Business Funding for better planning and peace of mind.

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