Invoice Factoring

A Reliable Solution For Businesses To Turn Outstanding Invoices Into Working Capital

Funding Within 24 Hours

Once the account setup is complete payments can be received in as 24 hours.

Easily Access Funds

Always have working capital on-hand to quickly cover business expenses.

Financing That Grows With You

As your business grows so can your facility.

Discover How Invoice Factoring Can
Change Your Business

Invoice Factoring allows businesses to sell their outstanding accounts receivable invoices at a discount to a third-party (Factor). Once the invoice is paid by the customer the remainder of the funds are remitted to the client within 24 hours minus a nominal fee.

A B2B company with outstanding commercial account receivables who relies on payment terms for working capital. Invoice Factoring provides businesses with immediate access to cash-flow; removing the strain of waiting on payments.
Invoice Factoring provides stable working capital to support business operating expenses, payroll, inventory, growth opportunities, and cover seasonal fluctuations.
The average time to to receive initial funding is typically 2 weeks. Once the account is setup funding is available within 24 hours.
An Advance Rate is the percentage of the invoice face value funded upon purchase up to 95%.
  • No monthly debt incurred which helps improve cash-flow.
  • Never have to give up equity in exchange for funding.
  • Reduce overhead costs with professionally managed collection services.
  • Take advantage of pre-payment discounts and benefit from long-term cost-savings.
  • Ability to extend generous credit terms to your customers without negatively impacting working cash-flow.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing your business has working capital in place to support operations and  rapid growth.

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