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Seacoast Business Funding offers quick and efficient working capital solutions for staffing companies that struggle with payroll and operational expenses. Managing a staffing agency requires cash flow, particularly for your workforce. It can be difficult to balance payroll with incoming invoices. With our payroll funding solution, staffing firms can cover payroll, overcome seasonal fluctuations, and take advantage of expansion opportunities. Allowing businesses to focus on reaching business objectives instead of worrying about payroll and operational expenses!

Payroll Funding Solutions Customized to Your Staffing Business Needs

We have over 30 years of experience provides payroll funding for staffing agencies. Our deep understanding of the staffing industry allows us to create an individualized working capital solution for your staffing firm. Unlike other funders, at Seacoast you deal directly with decision-makers. We are able to approve and fund our staffing prospects in as little as two weeks, making sure you quickly have access to capital.

We aim to build a long-term working relationship with each client. Our approach allows us to provide funding for staffing agencies that grows with you, however you wish to expand. With a reliable funding partner in place your staffing company can count on us to meet your evolving financial needs.

Use Invoice Factoring to Keep Your Staffing Business Running

As a staffing agency, your biggest asset is your ability to provide qualified staffing to businesses when they need it. What if you had a way to use that asset to make sure you have the working capital to handle payroll, grow your business, and manage other expenses? Payroll Funding for staffing agencies can be a great solution.

Staffing company factoring involves selling your outstanding accounts receivables for capital that you can use for any purpose. Your business receives an advance rate, which is a portion of the total. As each payment clears, you receive whatever is left, minus a fee for the service.

Benefits of Using Seacoast to Support Your Staffing Company’s Cash Flow Needs

When you choose Seacoast as your payroll funder, take advantage of a number of benefits including:

  • higher advance rates
  • cover payroll and operational expenses
  • advertise to fill open contracts
  • invest in the growth of your business
  • extend customer terms
  • overcome unpredictable business cycles

Our solutions are designed to solve problems unique to your business, as relevant to your industry, your experience, and your clientele. If you are looking for staffing agency financing, we will work with you to find the perfect answer.

Delayed Payments Don’t Have to Delay Your Progress

The interval between receiving payment for services and paying your staff can be complicated to manage. Even if your clients pay on time, you may have weeks of waiting. This dynamic can be hard on your cash flow. When customer payments are late, this can often lead to operational challenges for staffing companies.

Staffing agency factoring is the answer. Payroll funding relieves cash-flow constraints from untimely customer payments behind. With Seacoast Business Funding, you can place your business in the best financial position and positively impact operations with additional capital.

Fast Funding and Easy Applications

Unlike traditional lending, you do not have to spend months gathering documents and hoping that your credit meets the difficult terms. Get the financing you need hassle-free by putting you directly in touch with our decision-makers from the start. This means getting the working capital you need faster than ever.

Removing layers from the approval process helps to simplify your workflow — whether you are applying for payroll funding for the first time, or you have years of experience. With our easy online application, the process is simple. Once complete our team of specialists will get back to you shortly to discuss if our payroll funding is the right solution for your staffing agency.

We’re Always Here for Your Staffing Agency

With a dedicated support team, we’re always here to help. Whether you have questions before you apply for funding or want to learn more about our reliable financing solutions, we are always on hand to assist you. We can tailor our approach to your knowledge and experience, so you will always understand what you can expect from us.

We build long-lasting strategic financial partnerships with our staffing clients to help you successfully maintain and grow your business. One look at our success stories demonstrates our commitment to your long-term business goals.

I have been working with Seacoast banking for several years (approx. 8 years) and have nothing but excellent experience with the entire staff.

Rick Parker

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