Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

As organic products are becoming more prevalent, the food and beverage industry is experiencing tremendous growth. The demands of consumers and retailers can affect cash flow for companies that manufacture and distribute food & beverage products. 

Seacoast’s Invoice Factoring and Asset-Based Lending solutions are a quick and efficient way to increase the amount of capital your company needs to pay employees, complete orders, and pursue new business opportunities.

The Premier Experts in Financing Food and Beverage Companies

Seacoast Business Funding has over 30 years of experience working with food and beverage manufacturers and distributors delivering reliable cash flow solutions. Because we are a division of a bank, we cut out the middle man. Our factoring services are trusted and cost-effective compared to other alternative financing companies. 

We have experience with many types of food and beverage businesses including:

  • bottling plants
  • fruit and vegetable
  • dairy goods companies
  • frozen food businesses
  • and more!

Overcoming Challenges and Maintaining Business Growth

As a business funding partner, we understand that various challenges affect food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, including increased competition, regulatory requirements, inventory, and more. 

With an invoice factoring or asset-based lending solution from Seacoast, your business can utilize your unpaid invoices to get immediate access to capital, instead of waiting on terms. Shortening your payment cycle.

Having a reliable financial solution in place makes it easier for your food and beverage business to increase sales, support new contracts, cover overhead and payroll, invest in product development, purchase raw materials and replenish inventory. 

Flexible solutions allow food and beverage businesses to withstand seasonal fluctuations. Steady working capital ensures your business gets the working capital they need to support long-term growth and profitability.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring & Asset-Based Lending With Seacoast Business 

Invoice Factoring and Asset-Based Lending offer an alternative financing option for food and beverage manufacturers to leverage their outstanding accounts receivables to generate capital. Seacoasts solutions help your business to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency and expand market share.

Immediate Benefits of Invoice Factoring and Asset-Based Lending from Seacoast:
  • Quick funding within 24 hours.
  • Competitive advance rates
  • Access to funding is based on your customers’ credit, not your company’s credit or business history
  • Funding exponentially increases with your food and beverage sales.
  • Take advantage of supply-side discounts

Complete orders on time and meet increased demand with Seacoast. Contact us to make the switch to a flexible partner who can help you reach your business goals.

I have been working with Seacoast banking for several years (approx. 8 years) and have nothing but excellent experience with the entire staff.

Rick Parker

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