Healthcare Staffing Factoring & Payroll Funding

Payroll Funding for Your Healthcare Staffing Business

When you run a healthcare staffing organization, you count on quick payments to manage your payroll and keep your clients satisfied. Seacoast Business Funding provides simple and effective solutions that allow you to handle your operational expenses without obstacles or setbacks. Our solutions are customized for your business, making it easy for you to focus on serving clients.

Payroll Funding Solves Cash Flow Problems Quickly

Healthcare staffing businesses have unique needs that call for quick answers. Payroll Funding is an effective way to address them. This type of funding uses your existing invoices as assets to secure financing. We purchase your outstanding invoices, providing funding that you can use for payroll and other operational expenses. A certain percentage of the invoice is available as an advance. Once the invoice is paid, you receive the remainder, minus a fee for the service.

Solutions to Meet Your Healthcare Staffing Needs

Finding a payroll funding solution for your healthcare staffing business can feel complicated, until you visit Seacoast. With more than 30 years of experience managing healthcare staffing funding for businesses of all sizes, we can customize a program that meets your needs and grows with you.

Since our funding solutions are designed to be highly efficient, you engage directly with decision-makers. We can fund approved clients in as little as two weeks, providing the working capital you need to keep your business running.

Balance Cash Flow With Seacoast’s Payroll Funding Solutions

When you partner with Seacoast for your healthcare staffing factoring, you enjoy the following benefits:
  • Take advantage of competitive advance rates that allow you maximum use of working capital
  • Handle your operational expenses, despite seasonal fluctuations
  • Fill contracts with effective advertising
  • Cover payroll expenses with greater ease
  • Expand your business to meet demand

Don’t Let Delayed Payments Get in the Way

With any healthcare staffing business, timely payments are the key to cash flow management. Healthcare organizations often take longer to resolve an invoice, which can leave you without the working capital to meet your payroll needs. When working with Seacoast Business Funding, you can get the funding you need precisely when you need it, instead of waiting months to balance your accounts.

Try Our Simple Application Process

Most of our success stories begin with a problem that required a prompt solution. Healthcare staffing businesses need access to working capital so they can handle payroll. Our solutions simplify the process from start to finish. The easy application takes only a short time to complete. We follow up with a fast response from our specialists, who can help you determine if payroll funding is the best option for your capital needs.

Count on Us for Support

Unlike many business financing options, we aim to build long-term working partnerships with each of our clients. You can rely on our account team to answer questions about the types of solutions we provide, as well as existing funding concerns. We work hard to help ensure that our solutions continue to meet your expectations — now and in the future.

Why Choose Seacoast?

Managing payroll for a healthcare staffing business often involves balancing the costs of running the organization while waiting for invoices to be paid. We have decades of experience in the staffing industry, so we understand how important cash flow can be for the success of your business.

We know that a delay of days can interrupt your operations, so we aim to provide the most efficient funding programs. You can count on us for friendly, personalized service that is easy to use from the first moment. 

Contact us to learn more about our solutions or to start your application.


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